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    The English Gang curriculum is accredited by Boston ESL with a 5 Star Rating, and we also tailor curriculum to your own specific needs.

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    After a course is selected or made for you, you can then access our online classrooms. Lessons will be taught one-on-one by a native English speaking teachers.

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Advantages of Learning English from Home

  • imageLearning English Online Saves on Traveling Costs
  • image Learning Online Saves Time
  • image Learning Online Allows Us to Choose the Best and Most Suitable Teacher for Our Students

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Reviews from our students

  • This is the type of school I was looking for because its primary focus is on conversation. It helps the kids to have more confidence to learn English speaking online. The right way to learn a second language should start with listening and speaking. If the children feel like they are doing well, they will be able to read and write with more ease. Learning with English Gang is the first time learning online for me and my daughter, but I absolutely love it! I don't feel that online class is different from the actual class, and it’s actually much more convenient. For teacher Michael, I feel like he has a lot of good experience with teaching, especially with kids. Learning with him helps my child’s English skills improve.

  • We didn't hesitate to apply for the online English courses with English Gang, because it is convenient and it is exactly what I have been looking for. When my kids attended a few classes, it made me realize that this is the right one for my kids. The class length is 25 minutes. It is just right! Moreover the topics and the teaching approach is appropriate for my children. My kids are not shy anymore to answer questions. The nice thing is that there are no other kids to put pressure on them. After the first trial class, my kids said even if I get the answer wrong the teacher doesn’t get upset, so they felt like they could speak freely. The first time in class had my kids a bit shy. But at the end of it, it was so much fun we wanted to do more. Even though my kids didn't speak much in the first class, I am so happy that they are willing and happy to learn now.

  • For Nong Krapook, she is taking the reading comprehension course. There is a lot of vocabulary, speaking and reading. The American teacher is so kind, and he would correct her when she speaks incorrectly.

  • Kevin is a chinese student. His parents live in Chiang Mai and are doing business there. They found our website and decided to book a course: After a few classes, it is clear that Kevin is showing a lot of improvement on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. His English grammar has also improved. We admire the English Gang teachers as they have various ways of teaching to apply lessons into English conversations. These really help Kevin with his everyday conversations that he has in English.

  • Hi, I am Yuy, Grouper's mom. He has been learning with English Gang for a while. The first reason I decided to let him learn online is that our home is quite far away from school and it would take time to get there for a class. Now he doesn’t have to spend any time traveling! After just a few classes, he now has a better perspective on English. He has improved his skills, and he is confident to think, answer and communicate with British teachers. For all of this I have to thank the teacher. For me as a mom, the importance of English is so great for his learning. He now has better confidence. The more he speaks the more he gets better at it. Thanks a lot English Gang.

  • I am the mother of Sunisa, Pasu and Wasu. The kids enjoy learning English online a lot. They are more confident in speaking and making conversations with the teachers. It’s so much fun for them that they forget that they are actually learning a school subject! The convenience is great. It’s surely the best way to Learn English online. We are able to learn even in a car on smartphones when we go home late. Teachers are good with kids and they understand the nature of children and how to handle them very well. I let my kids learn with a lot of teachers so they would recognize a variety of accents from around the world.

  • It is fast and easy to book. You are able to learn from anywhere. Teachers are great and it makes studying English easy.

  • Great teachers and easy to understand curriculum. Booking a class is fast. Being able to learn wherever you are is very convenient. The teachers are really kind and great.

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