English Gang for Adults

From conversation in the workplace and conversation with friends, there are a few important things that must be looked at when adults learn English online in Thailand:

1.) Accent

We were not brought up with the same sounds and phonics as native English speakers, so this is something that needs to be worked on in an easy to understand method.

2.) Listening Skills

Studying closely with native English speakers is important to learn how to understand how foreigners speak. From British to American accents, it takes lots of practice!

3.) Proper Sentence Structure

Learning from a book is not the same as actually practicing in real life. We teach sentence structure through real life conversations related to your work and life.

Online English speaking class Bangkok

Our Courses for Adults and Businesses

Business English Courses:

Business English Bangkok

Speaking English in the workplace should be done with confidence and clarity. Learn vocabulary that can be used in the office while improving your accent and sentence structure with qualified business English teachers from the USA, UK, Canada and more!

Conversation Courses:

English accent Bangkok

Depending on your level, we have hundreds of classes and multiple levels dedicated to improving conversation, grammar and accent. Learn English online using diagrams and easy to understand instruction, we focus on making difficult sounds easy to speak. For example, the letters R and L in the word “Salary” can be quite difficult to say. Our teachers are trained in accent work, and will work to get you speaking just like a native English speaker!

Speaking English Abroad:

Learn English Online Thailand

From airport to airport, city to city, our English courses will make sure that when you’re in another country, you will be able to have a comfortable stay in your desired country. Every country is different, and our teachers can cater the classes to your exact needs and desires.