Class time and schedule

Q : Do I have to fix the study time? Do I have to study exactly at the same time for every class?

A : As class is conducted online, a student can plan their own study time, and can book his / her class anytime that suits a student.

Q : I live abroad, and want to take a course, can I do that?

A : Yes, of course. As our class is conducted online, so a student can join his or her own class from any venues, given the stable internet connection.

Q : Can I take this course if I’m a complete beginner?

A : Yes, of course. This course is designed for all learners with different levels.

Q : I’m taking the course, where and how do I start?

A : As the class is conducted online, there are some requirements that have to be met. A student needs the stable internet connection, with minimum 2MBPS for the data upload, and with 10MBPS for the data download. You can check the speed of your connection by visiting the website . Also, it is highly recommended that a student finds his or her own webcam, or any other supporting devices for class.

Q : Can an adult take this course?

A : Yes, definitely. Adult learners, like other learners, have to take the pre-assessment to verify which level is suitable for him / her. This course has been designed for everybody who would like to study and practice communicating in English.

Q : Can I change the teacher later?

A : Yes, You can change and choose any teachers for the next class if you’d like.